Discover long-lasting, artisan-crafted garden decor.

It's not just beautiful – it's also eco-friendly and beneficial for the environment.

Experience the elegance of sustainable design at Steven's Gardens. Produced in the U.S.A where we support local artisans in producing GFRC lightweight cement planters, pots, fountains, and other garden accessories.

  • Aesthetic Appeal

    Merging functionality with a commitment to beauty, every planter we craft tells a story of durable elegance, transforming gardens into masterpieces where aesthetics reign supreme

  • Eco-friendly

    Our lightweight cement planters promote eco-conscious gardening by minimizing material usage and offering recyclability, creating a sustainable cycle from production to disposal

  • Durability

    Engineered for resilience, our lightweight cement planters stand up against the harshest weather conditions and resist chipping, ensuring your outdoor spaces remain stunning over time

  • Ease of Mobility

    Our lightweight cement pots provide effortless mobility, inviting those with a passion for innovation to continuously reinvent and refresh their cherished spaces

  • Water Efficiency

    Our porous GFRC cement planters promote optimal plant health by retaining moisture effectively, minimizing the need for frequent watering and giving your greenery the care it deserves

  • Versatility

    Each of our lightweight cement pots, available in 13 unique colors and a variety of shapes and sizes, presents an opportunity to truly personalize your garden space, enhancing its beauty and reflecting your distinct style.

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  • Ready for Personalized Garden Care?

    At Steven's Gardens, we weave personalized, attentive service into every customer interaction, ensuring that we understand and meet their unique needs with utmost care and dedication

  • Seeking Sustainable Outdoor Solutions?

    In our pursuit of a greener future, our durable and eco-friendly products stand as beacons of sustainability, aligning seamlessly with your vision for a harmonious and environmentally-conscious outdoor space

  • Take advantage of our personal online consultations

    Click the button below to schedule your free basic design consultation and let us transform your garden dreams into a stunning reality. Hurry while we still have availability.

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